Experienced attorneys who get the job done, period. After making my first free consultation, David outlined a roadmap for my case, and clearly had the legal experience and knowledge to obtain the best possible resolution for my case. I would 100% recommend him for even the most difficult of matters.

When the unthinkable happens to your family, you need reliable guidance that you can trust.

At Creighton Macaluso, we know you wish you could turn back the clock to prevent this from happening, and we are ready to help you through the next best option for moving forward:

Seeking compensation for your family and justice against those who hurt you.

That’s where we come in.

Sometimes the harm done to our clients is not only unconscionable, but also preventable. Early in David Creighton’s career, he handled a complex abuse and neglect case for someone with severe disabilities. This client was incapable of caring for himself, and he was physically abused and neglected by the staff and residents of the facility where he resided.

It soon became clear the client had no voice to protect his rights, and his suffering could have been prevented with better training of employees and more safeguards.

The litigation went all the way up to the Louisiana Supreme Court, with the facility’s lawyers refusing to acknowledge the negligent and even criminal behavior of the facility’s employees.

David worked tirelessly and aggressively to secure a just settlement that not only ensured his client would be cared for properly for the rest of his life, but also to ensure the facility was aware that any form of abuse will not be tolerated.

As attorneys we consider it an honor to be a voice in the courtroom. And as this case evidenced, sometimes the case is more than just obtaining a fair financial outcome. It’s about obtaining real justice for our clients and their families by forcing those at fault to implement better policies to decrease risks of abuse and neglect in the future.

Everyone deserves dignity and respect – especially those who do not have a voice or means to defend themselves.

That’s why we are passionate about helping others through these hard times.

Our mission:

With every case win, we can help to avoid this from happening again in the future. 

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